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Gaignun Kukai Jr.

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Gaignun Kukai Jr.

JR » orly?



October 4th, 2008

(no subject)

JR » notgettingawaywiththisami?
Albedo, you're an idiot.

Gaignun, you're an even bigger idiot.

Have fun with that. I'm living in a hotel for a while. Don't wanna deal with your dumb shit.

Anyway. Now that that's out of the way, Momo, when you wanna go on that day-trip?

September 15th, 2008

(no subject)

JR » lolsitup
Not sure how to take the situation at hand; for now? I'm content with letting it be. Don't wanna mess up anythin', after all.

August 8th, 2008



I need to get outta the house.

June 4th, 2008

(no subject)

JR » snooooooooooow
well, I don't see how, but we managed to pick up a little WiFi around here.

Happy early birthday, Albedo. I'll make missing it up to you when I get back, okay? Some things cropped up. I think we've made some progress, but I'll see.

Spitfire, when I get back in town, we should catch up.

April 22nd, 2008



[ooc: Filtered FROM Albedo and Gaignun. Sorry, boys, you ain't seeing this. Visible to anyone else.]
...That's just going too damn far. Can't stand being around these two. Someone willin' to lemme stay for a bit? I'm pretty capable of cleaning and other stuff, won't be too much of a bother.

private//unhackableCollapse )

April 17th, 2008

No doubt they'll be surprised when they show up~ better appreciate it, too, dammit, I was working forever on that shit and they don't even come back before April Fool's.

[ooc: yeaaaah, when Albie and Gaignun come home, the front gate will be locked and also looking like This. Have fun finding a hotel, boys |D ]

March 6th, 2008

Man, I've been so shut up lately. I think I need to get some work done.

Sakura, wanna go out sometime? it feels so weird saying that again... I think Gaignun mighta been just kidding about the zombie thing; he's a little weird like that.

private// marginally hackableCollapse )

February 28th, 2008

private//unhackableCollapse )

Think I need to get back in the swing of things. Looks like the casino is almost ready to open. Anyone else still interested in working there? Gaignun left me in charge, so speak now or forever hold your peace. I need showgirls, bartenders, dealers, waitresses, and most of all, gamblers! I'll need to chat with you all face to face before we get started, but I'm sure it'll all be fine.

And the dinner shows~ What about our chefs and performers? I want to see if you can keep a crowd entertained, whether it be by spinning plates or shaking that fine behind of yours! :D

I think I wanna go out to the park and have a picnic, anyone else interested in going with me?

December 14th, 2007

Visiting Spitfire seemed like a good idea at the time, heh. It was a ton of fun.

Took a lot off my mind.

This is gonna hurt in the morning, where'd I put the aspirin~?
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